Cloudbeds Support Article

How can I sign up for

To sign up for, you can visit our website and select the plan that best fits your needs.
A list of our available plans with its options can be found on this link. If you need more information about our plans you can also contact us at . 

How to connect Hotelinvoicer with Cloudbeds for the first time?

To connect app from Cloudbeds' Marketplace, you can visit the marketplace search for

After you find the app click on the "Connect App" option. Then, you will be prompted to authorize the app to access specific data from your Cloudbeds account. Once you complete the authorization process,'s support team will be notified and they will complete the setup of the integration for you.

What are the limitations of the integration?

All changes to reservation data must be made in Cloudbeds platform. Hotelinvoicer is not updating any reservations data changed to our system back to Cloudbeds.
Currently invoices that are issued from are not posted back to Cloudbeds.

How to disconnect the apps?

You can disconnect the app by following this steps:
  1. Login to your Cloudbeds account
  2. Click on Account
  3. Click Apps & Marketplace
  4. Then click Manage Apps
  5. Find app and click on the Disconnect button
If you need more information you can visit this link.

How to get support?

You can get support by using the support ticket system in our dashboard or by emailing us at
Our support hours are from Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 18:00.


A: Is Hotelinvoicer connected to myDATA platform?
Q: Yes. Hotelinvoicer is connected to myData platform.

A: What is myDATA platform?
Q: The new online platform of Greek Goverment which aims to automatically update the electronic accounting books by entering the summary of the income-expenditure documents and the rest of the accounting documents of your business.

A: Does my business need to do something more?
Q: No. Hotel Invoicer undertakes to automatically transmit all the documents of your tourist accommodation to myData platform of AADE.

A: Do I need to have any software installed on my device to use the Services?
Q: All you need is any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) connected to the Internet and a browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.).

A: How do you save time with Hotelinvoicer?
Q: By using Hotelinvoicer integrated with Cloudbeds you can convert any reservation into an invoice with just one click, from any location.
For more information about Hotelinvoicer visit this link .