Why choose Hotelinvoicer?

The Hotelinvoicer application is a customized online invoicing solution for tourism professionals who own tourist accommodation.

Through the application it is possible to issue a receipt or invoice & proof of accommodation tax, as well as proof of additional services (transportation, food, spa) with a single click, while the documents are automatically sent to the myData platform of AADE.

The process of issuing the documents is very easy.

You enter the reservations via an excel file from the booking channel (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, HostelWorld, Vrbo, WebHotelier, TUI, Smoobu.com) > or they are automatically entered by the channel manager you use and is real-time connected to Hotelinvoicer.

Bookings are now available to edit, send via e-mail or print.

Also if you work with tourist offices or agencies , you can directly issue the invoice from your reservations and send it by e-mail.

The whole process of online invoicing quickly & simply with one only click.

Who are Web Experts?

The Web Experts group is active in the field of creating integrated digital experiences from in 2004.

After 15 years of successful course in web design, creation of e-shops & web apps, web hosting, SEO, web campaigns & social media marketing, had the idea to create Hotelinvoicer to simplify the organization and online pricing of tourist accommodations.

We offer online website design, construction and promotion solutions. The experienced team of Web Experts is here to build together a partnership and a unique digital experience for your visitors!
What we offer you
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Customized Web Apps
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At a very low cost, Hotelinvoicer promises to solve a key problem regarding hotel and room rental invoicing. If you still have questions about our service, we're here to answer them!
What is myDATA platform?
The new Online platform of AADE which aims to automatically update the Electronic Books by entering the summary of the income-expenditure documents and the rest of the accounting documents of your business.
Is Hotelinvoicer connected to myDATA platform?
Yes. Hotelinvoicer, the online invoicing platform for tourist accommodation and hotels, is connected to the myData service.
Why should I choose Hotelinvoicer?
Hotelinvoicer, the new electronic invoicing application is aimed exclusively at tourism professionals who own tourist accommodation and is a customized solution for the industry.
How is Hotelinvoicer different from other electronic invoicing programs?
Hotelinvoicer differs from other electronic invoicing programs because it is compatible with Booking, Airbnb, Homeaway channels, etc. so that you can enter the data simply with an excel file, but also with channel managers for direct connection, so that reservations are entered automatically.
Does my business need to do something more?
No. Hotel Invoicer undertakes to automatically transmit all the documents of your tourist accommodation to the myData platform of AADE. 
Are there any other hidden charges in Hotelinvoicer?
No. The only charge is the cost of the annual subscription you choose. Hotelinvoicer, respecting the tourism professionals who trust it, ensures that during its use it will not burden users with other charges.
Do I need to have any software installed on my device to use the Services?
All you need is any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) connected to the Internet and a browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.).
What if at some point I don't have Internet?
Unfortunately, the Internet is necessary to use Hotelinvoicer. If at some point you do not have Internet, you will have to issue your documents by hand.
What if I encounter any difficulty in issuing the documents?
You can use the online suppport system  (Support Ticketing System), through which you can inform us about any issue you wish. Our team will respond immediately.
How do you save time with Hotelinvoicer?
Can you send me one click receipts and invoices to your accountant via e-mail every month or quarter.
You can connect to your accountant's accounting program and send all the deductions for the month to a file ready to be imported into the program he uses. It will save him valuable time!
I work with a tourist office/agency, can I issue invoices through Hotelinvoicer?
Hotelinvoicer now issues invoices to travel agencies and agents. That is, an invoice to an office or tourist agency and accommodation tax to the guest of the accommodation with a single click.

Can I add additional services I offer to my accommodation for pricing?
Of course. Hotelinvoicer allows you to add additional services (transportation, meals, spa, etc.) for invoicing and then through the interface with the myData platform of AADE, all revenues are sent electronically.

Simplify your Invoicing Today!